Saturday, April 3, 2010


Taking the plunge
Finally, after listening to podcasts such as 'The d6 Generation' I've taken the plunge and bought a Warmachine starter set. I did actually buy and start a Cryx starter set many months ago but put it on hold when I heard that Privateer Press were bringing out a new rule set.
Well, that new set is here and seems to be well received so when I attended Warrior Bazaar I took the opportunity to get a demo game with the guys from Forge Games. I had a quick game (I killed my opponents Caster on turn one but suspect he was going easy on me) but could soon see why people like it so much.

I intend to try to get my 14 year old on to have a go at Warmachine and as I don't know anyone else who plays, need to get a second army. After a chat with the guys at Forge Games I decided on a Cygnar army. Forge Games were also very helpful in supplying me with new cards for my old Cryx starter set.

So here is my Cynar army.
My undercoating method
After assembly, I used my standard undercoat system. First, I sprayed them black then when dry I sprayed a litle coat of white (just a distant coat so the black shows thru in the recesses). This gives a shaded effect and, I believe, gives the best of both worlds in the 'black' or 'white' undercoat debate. The black covering stops any metal showing thru in the recesses, while the white allows for brighter colours to show on the raised areas.

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